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Dr. Vivekanandan is a senior consultant urologist andrologist and transplant surgeon with 14 year of clinical experience he offers holistic treatment for all problems related to genitourinary system cambium the test of medical and surgical management

Our Services

  • Treatment Of Urinary Stones Melody Eswl,Ursl, Pcnl And Pccl
  • Endoscopy Management Of Prostate Enlargement
  • Male Infertility Test Evaluation And Treatment
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Treatment For Infection In Urinary Tract
  • Congenital Genital Abnormalities In Children Management
  • Management Of Urinary Incontinence

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  • He Has 14 Years Of Extensive Clinical Experience In Urology. His Special Interest Are Endoscopic Management Of State Disease And Pediatric Urology. He Also Specialist In Various Necastrutions Procedure In Urology
  • Presented Research Paper In Various Zone And National Conference Melody USICON
  • Winner of South Zone USICON 2007 Urology Quiz
  • Served As Secretary of Salem Urology Club From 2018 To 2020
  • Served As Council Member of TAPASU From 2017 – 2018

We Always Strive To Deliver The Best Care To Those Who Seek Advanced Treatment Ensuring Patient-Centric Care With Complete Privacy And Comfortable Surroundings. We Care For Your Safety And Offer:

  • Low Infection Rate & Heart Complications
  • Higher Survival Rate
  • Comprehensive Care Is Available 24×7
  • Isolated Units And Machinery For Patients Infected With HIV or Hepatitis B & C
  • We Follow The Best Infection Control Practices

The centre for urology is supported by a dedicated icu, operating theaters, and ultra-modern labs associated with complete biochemistry, and immune-microbiology for keeping track on drug levels, immunohistochemistry, and hla typing.

The oldest multispecialty hospital in Salem is SKS Hospital. Having started out with just 85 beds in 1987, we now have over 225 beds and provide top-notch primary, secondary, and tertiary care services for all specializations.

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