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Radiodiagnosis and Imaging Services

Computerised Tomography (CT)

The new generation of Low Radiation Dose Computed Tomography (CT) uses low levels of radiation to help diagnose and monitor a wide array of conditions while minimising the impact of radiation. A CT scanner has detectors which move around the body in a circular motion. This allows detailed images to be built up as you move through the scanner.

The CT scans are cross-sectional views of the body. Feeding this data into and a powerful computer workstation, we can build three dimensional images showing the soft tissues, bones and blood vessels, and see parts of the body, which are difficult to view by any other method. Most CT examinations are simple, fast and painless.

  • Manufacturer: Siemens AG, Germany
  • Model: SOMATOM go.Top
  • Features:
    • 128 slice per rotation
    • 384 slices per second
    • Ultra low radiation dose
  • Special procedures:
    • Coronary Angiography (Cardiac CT)
    • Peripheral Angiography
    • Calcium Score Scan
    • Virtual Colonoscopy
    • Neuro-perfusion Study (for Stroke Patients)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a safe, painless and powerful diagnostic imaging test that uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce images of many of the body’s internal structures. There is no radiation involved making MRI safe for even pregnant women. Scans are typically take 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Manufacturer: Siemens AG, Germany
  • Model: MAGNETOM Essenza
  • Features:
    • 1.5 Tesla strength
    • TIM (Total Imaging Matrix) Technology

X-Ray & Fluoroscopy

X-Ray images, or radiograph, are commonly taken for assessing injured limbs or examining the chest for possible infection. The ability of x-rays to penetrate tissues and bones varies according to the composition and mass of what is being imaged. Bone, which contains calcium, absorbs most of the radiation and results in white images on the x-ray film. The lungs, which are filled with air, allow nearly all x-rays to pass through and strike the film or detector resulting in a black image.

Our X-Ray images are generated with Digital Flat Panel Detector which are more sensitive than traditional film and lower radiation exposure to patients. You will not feel any discomfort during the procedure.

X-Ray Unit 1

  • Manufacturer:
    • Siemens AG, Germany (X-Ray)
    • Carestream, USA (Digital Flat Panel Detector)
  • Model:
    • Polydoros LX 50 (X-Ray)
    • DRX-1 Digital Flat Panel Detector
  • Features:
    • 800 mA
    • Motorised Bucky Table
    • Vertical Bucky

X-Ray Unit 2 & Fluoroscopy

  • Manufacturer:
    • Siemens AG, Germany (X-Ray)
    • Carestream, USA (Digital Flat Panel Detector)
  • Model:
    • Polydoros SX 65
    • DRX Plus Digital Flat Panel Detector
  • Features:
    • 930 mA
    • Motorised Bucky Table
    • Vertical Bucky
    • Long Length Imaging (Weight bearing full spine X-Ray)
  • Fluoroscopy (Image Intensifier) with 800 mA

Mobile X-Ray (Bedside Radiography) – 5 Units

  • Manufacturer & model (X-Ray):
    1. Siemens AG, Germany – Mobilett Plus
    2. Siemens AG, Germany – Mobilett XP Hybrid
    3. General Electric, USA – AMX4
    4. Siemens Ltd, India – MULTIMOBIL 2.5
    5. Siemens Ltd, India – MULTIMOBIL 2.5
  • Computerised Radiography from Carestream, USA – CR Classic

Dental X-Ray

These are special x-rays of the lower face, teeth and jaws. An OPG provides a panoramic view of the mouth, teeth and bones of the upper and lower jaws. The Lat Ceph results in a lateral or sideways view of the face.

Cone Beam CT is new technique, which is mainly used to assess the jaws and teeth. Its main advantage compared to OPGs and other dental x-rays is that it provides three-dimensional imaging (similar to conventional CT, but with a lower radiation dose). Our Cone Beam CT system, provides high definition, three dimensional imaging to complement our other dental imaging services including OPGs and conventional CT scanning. Cone Beam CT offers 3-D evaluation of dental anatomy and pathology: for example impacted teeth, pre-implant assessment, orthodontic assessment, and assessment for jaw and face surgery.

  • Manufacturer: Carestream France
  • Model: CS 8100
  • Features:
    • Cone Beam CT (CBCT)
    • Digital Orthopantomogram (OPG)
    • Digital Lateral Cephalometric Radiography (Lat Ceph)


A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray of the breast using a specialised equipment. Mammograms are performed for two major reasons. First, in women with breast symptoms, to detect a possible cause for their symptoms (a diagnostic mammogram), and secondly, to detect early signs of breast cancer in women who do not have breast symptoms (a screening mammogram). The x-ray dose from a mammogram is very low. It has not been proven to cause any harmful effects. An ultrasound of the breast is also performed after the mammogram is taken.

  • Manufacturer:
    • Siemens AG, Germany (X-Ray) &
    • Carestream, USA (CR Detector Panel)
  • Model: MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova
  • Features:
    • Small & Large sizes
    • Stereotactic biopsy

Bone Mineral Densitometer

DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) is used to measure bone mineral density (BMD). The technique uses very low dose x-rays and is a safe and painless procedure. The entire procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes. Low bone density or osteoporosis is a major determinant of fracture risk and is common, particularly in women following menopause. Loss of bone density may also be accelerated in conditions affecting the liver and thyroid gland and by certain medications, in particular, steroids. Measurement of the spine and hip is routinely performed and measurement of the forearm may also be undertaken if required.

  • Manufacturer: Hologic, USA
  • Model: Discovery Wi
  • Features:
    • Whole Body Dual-energy X-Ray Absorptiometry
    • Very low radiation dose

Ultrasound & Colour Doppler

Ultrasound is a safe and widely used imaging technique. Ultrasound produces detailed pictures of the body in real time using high frequency sound waves which are produced by a special ultrasound probe, called a transducer. The frequency of these sound waves is higher than that detected by the human ear and when they are reflected by a part of the body they are detected by the probe and used to create images that can be displayed on a monitor. Because they are captured in real time they appear as moving images not as static or still ones thus enhancing the diagnostic capability of the test. Ultrasound has no known harmful effects and can be used to image a variety of conditions including pregnancy, gallstones and varicose veins. Ultrasound can also be used to measure blood flow through vessels, when it is called a colour flow Doppler or Duplex scan.

Manufacturer & model

  1. General Electric, USA – Volusion E8 3D
  2. General Electric, USA – Volusion E6
  3. General Electric, USA – Logiq S7 Expert
  4. FujiFilm SonoSite, USA – Edge (Bedside Ultrasound)
  5. FujiFilm SonoSite, USA – MicroMax (Bedside Ultrasound)
  6. Siemens, USA – ACUSON X300™ premium edition (1st machine)
  7. Siemens, USA – ACUSON X300™ premium edition (2nd machine)
  8. Siemens, USA – ACUSON X300™ premium edition (3rd machine)
  9. Siemens, USA – ACUSON X300™ premium edition (4th machine)
  10. Siemens, USA – ACUSON P300™ Portable

Nerve Root Sleeve Injection

Selective nerve root sleeve injections can be an effective treatment to relieve pain from herniated disks and irritated or compressed spinal nerves. They can be diagnostic and/or therapeutic in that they can be used to determine which nerve is causing symptoms, as well as providing pain relief at the problematic site. CT is used as a guide to the injection site and we use an advanced robot to position the needle far more accurately than humanly possible, drastically improving the results while minimising the side effects.

  • Manufacturer: Perfint Healthcare, India
  • Model: Robio™ EZ



Unit 1

  • Manufacturer: Siemens AG, Germany
  • Model: Axiom Artis dTA
  • Features:
    • Ceiling mounted for maximum flexibility while imaging
    • 30 cm Flat Panel Detector
    • 3D reconstruction
    • Interventional Radiology and Cardiology platform

Unit 2

  • Manufacturer: Siemens AG, Germany
  • Model: Axiom Artis Zee
  • Features:
    • Flat Panel Detector
    • Interventional Radiology and Cardiology platform


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